Banning Liebscher: Courage

The missing ingredient on our journey to being who God has called us to be? Courage. Banning Liebscher explains that apart from courage, we will never be who God has called us to be or do what He's called us to do. Discouragement will come, but we must be able to encourage ourselves and re-engage in the fight for our calling. #HolySpirit2017

Banning Liebscher: Bearing Long Term Fruit

DO YOU WANT LONG-TERM SUCCESS? This clip is from one of our featured courses! "Strong Roots" w/ Banning Liebscher NOW AVAILABLE

Banning Liebscher, Lead Pastor of Jesus Culture gives 6 powerful keys to understanding the process God takes us through in order to have long-term success.


With this virtual course, you will:
Understand how to handle life's delays
Get a greater understanding of why you need a good root system.
Learn the role of your church community as it pertains to destiny
See the importance of patience in the process
Learn the power of the secret place with God
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