How Do you Make a Disciple? by Paul Marc Goulet

Paul Marc Goulet

For a few months now Matt 28 has taken in new meaning to me. I’m sure that it is not a new concept. Perhaps it’s just a fresh look at an old scripture. We’ve read it a thousand times or more. Pretty confident that we’ve all taught it or preached it at some time. Maybe it’s my age, experience or a Spirit thing that finally adjusted my thinking.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not about church growth or large crowds, dynamic worship or great buildings. It’s all about making disciples that impact nations. To be more precise you should just repeat Matt 28. Make disciples of all nations. It sounds pretty heavy and overwhelming but it’s spelled out pretty clearly.

It forces us to ask follow-up questions that flat-out trouble me: How do you disciple a nation? How do you disciple anything for that matter? How do you make a disciple?

I know how to make a lot of things in this world but a disciple? I can make a cake, omelet, pizza or a salad but not a disciple. Maybe that’s why so few church leaders make disciples. Maybe that’s why it seems to be more like a hit or miss process. I’m honestly not sure how many leaders strategically set out to ” make disciples.”

These last words of Jesus give us a direct order to make something for him. In my experience, it’s hard enough to make a person into a disciple much less a nation.

Even the verbiage messes with my mental health training. I believe in free will – I believe that everyone is responsible for their thoughts feelings and actions. We are not responsible for the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. I’ve taught this and lived it for many years. So how do you make a disciple of people and nations without violating their free will and mental health boundaries?

Great question! Well, I’m going to leave you all with these questions!

I love you all. Thanks for praying.